Brain Tumor Symptoms

Brain Tumor

What is the Brain Tumor?

Brain tumor is an abnormal mass of tissue in which some cells grow and multiply uncontrollably. Brain tumor have two types that’s benign (noncancerous) and malignant (cancerous). The location of a brain tumor influences the type of the symptoms that occur because different functions are controlled by different parts of the brain.

What are the symptoms of Brain Tumor?

The symptoms of a brain tumor depend on tumor size, location, and types of cancer/tumor. Symptoms may be causes when a tumor presses on a nerve on harms a part of the brain. Also, they may be caused when a tumor blocks the fluid that flows through and around the brain, or when the brain swells because of the buildup of fluid.

These are most common symptoms of brain tumors:

  1. Headaches.
  2. Nausea and vomiting.
  3. Changes in speech, vision, or hearing.
  4. Problems balancing or walking.
  5. Changes in mood, personality, or ability to concentrate.
  6. Problems with memory.
  7. Muscle jerking or twitching (seizures or convulsions).
  8. Numbness  in the arms or legs

Sometimes, these symptoms are not due to a brain tumor. Another health problem could cause them. If you have been diagnosed with brain tumor, you should make appointment with Chinese master at KL Kuala Lumpur herbal and acupuncture treatment to start a treatment.


Medicine Way of Brain Tumor Acupuncture and Herbal Herbs Medicine Treatment in KL Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

People who have the brain tumor have several treatment options with Chinese Master at KL Kuala Lumpur Malaysia herbal and acupuncture.

The treatment depend mainly on the following:

  1. Types and grade of brain tumor.
  2. Location in the brain tumor.
  3. Size of brain tumor.
  4. Age n general health.

Before this Chinese master treat many people through the world whereby they mostly had of recovering and the people who in last stages, Chinese master can reduce their pain and less their abnormal cells in the brain.

Treatments by Chinese master that using a secret cancer herbal research in 145 years ago. Chinese master actually comes from herbal medicine practice of Chinese generations and he also as a fourth generation of practitioners of herbal treatment which is located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Master family, especially his father taught discipline and how this herbal treatment while he was still young that seen master to have a hidden talent in acupuncture treatment.

Chinese master treatments truly are without any surgery and also no side effects, so its very safety for people actually for children and kids.  Herbs are generally a safe way to strengthen and can improve the immune body qi (energy) systems as a tools for defensive too spread of abnormal cells  in the body system.

Someone who has brain tumor doesn’t be disappointed and sad because Chinese master at KL Kuala Lumpur have secret way to make solution. Come early to see Chinese master if you got sign of brain tumor because an early treatment can be more effective in recovery.


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